About Us


For a long time now, online casinos have taken too much of a formal approach towards their players resulting in a lack of joy and excitement which are the main reasons why players go to gamble at a casino. Our goal was to make the players our top priority and this is why we've created a fun and exciting platform for players to play on; leaving you with an unforgettable experience that will have you coming back for more.

Game Selection

At Yeti Casino we handpicked a variety of games from some of the world's leading game providers. Players can try their luck on an extensive collection of online slots, ranging from all time classics, progressive jackpot games and exciting video slots with great bonus features. For players that are more into table games we have many different games on offer, such as: Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Baccarat, Red Dog and Texas Hold'em; and if you're used to the friendly chit chat with the dealers at your local brick and mortar casino then we offer the same experience with our Live Casino table games.

Fun & Entertainment

We've designed our casino platform to be 100% mobile friendly, that way no matter which device or computer you're using, your experience will be exactly the same. Everything that you can access on your computer is accessible on your mobile device too. When you see the word casino you automatically associate it with bright flashing lights, loud music and cheers of joy. Put these altogether and you get a lot of fun, because let's be honest, what's better than winning a big wad of cash? At Yeti Casino our main focus is to make your experience with us as entertaining and fun as possible. Sometimes the thrills and excitement can lead to an addiction and this is why we have designed a sophisticated system where you can set your own limitations to prevent this from happening. Play within your limitations and the fun will never stop!

Honesty, Integrity & Transparency

Yeti Casino has two online gaming licenses. The first one is from the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) which allows us to legally offer online gambling, within the European Union. Our second license is from the UKGC (United Kingdom Gaming Commission) which allows us to operate legally within the United Kingdom. We only operate with the top game providers as they also carry licenses with the gaming committees mentioned above. Our games and RNG (Random Number Generator) are constantly being monitored and audited by independent organizations in order to protect the integrity of play. We make sure to inform all of our players about any technicality or anomaly that should occur in any aspects of the games. Communication with our players is done via numerous channels and this way we prove to be an honest and transparent provider of online casino games.