Responsible Gaming


Responsible gaming for excitement and fun:

Yeti Casino promotes and offers an entertainment experience to its clients and therefore they should always ensure that their bets are kept within a sensible level. Clients that feel that they might bet above their personal limits are encouraged to set their own limitations, which can be set per day, week or month, and they can even exclude themselves for a certain time period.

Limitation settings that are available for responsible gaming at Yeti Casino:

  • Decrease in deposit limit - A client can do this from within their casino account and is immediately activated.
  • Impose a bet limit on the casino account.
  • Maximum wagering limit within a certain period of time.
  • Clients have the option to impose a time limit on their playing session.
  • Clients reserve the right to select a 7 day, 30 day, 6 month, 1year or even a permanent exclusion period in their accounts.

Any decrease in limit will be activated immediately and any increase made to the above personal limits will take 7 days to activate.

Standard limits and wagering:

Yeti Casino imposes a standard limit on every clients account when they register for the first time. The standard limits that are imposed are per day, week and month; and are easily accessible. The limits can be logged daily, weekly and monthly and easily changed by the client to their preferred amount. Clients cannot alter the suspension (locking) of their accounts and must wait until the set period of time has lapsed. Any clients wishing to reactivate their casino account must do so in writing with a signed letter stating the reasons why the account was locked in the first place. The letter should also include reasons for reactivating the account before the agreed time period has lapsed. These procedures are in place to safeguard clients in the interests of responsible gaming. 

Clients making a deposit via credit card need to pass through a security check which includes the verification of identification documents. The security check process involves sending of the correct documentation to our customer service team via email or live chat. The customer service team may also contact clients during this process via telephone or email. Clients who wish to withdraw funds need to have passed through the identity check successfully and have their documents verified before the withdrawal can be processed.

Full Exclusion:

All clients of Yeti Casino reserve the right to exclude themselves at any given period of time from any casino activity. The exclusion process can be done by adjusting the "lock account" option to "forever", therefore resulting in the closure of the casino account.

Important - Clients must always remember that once an account is fully excluded, all pending balances will be lost and the account cannot be reopened.


Yeti Casino takes pride in offering clients excellent 24/7 customer service to complement their gaming experience. The customer service team is always available to discuss any issues or problems that a client may encounter and they may be contacted via telephone, live chat or email.

Problem gambling:

Any client who feels that they might have a gambling problem can contact a range of organizations for guidance and support. 
The below websites offer confidential guidance and support: